Who has the prettiest beaches in florida?

In addition to its lively cities, the state's incredible nature parks and beautiful beaches offer an astonishing variety of outdoor activities and water sports for visitors to try. With world-class attractions alongside a host of world-class beaches, Florida offers the best of both worlds; this is what makes it such an attractive vacation destination.

Who has the prettiest beaches in florida?

In addition to its lively cities, the state's incredible nature parks and beautiful beaches offer an astonishing variety of outdoor activities and water sports for visitors to try. With world-class attractions alongside a host of world-class beaches, Florida offers the best of both worlds; this is what makes it such an attractive vacation destination. Located right on the south end of Key Biscayne, Bill Baggs is surrounded by the beautiful and wild Cape Florida State Park. As such, the beach is in perfect condition, since it is so intact.

In addition to simply resting on its glorious sands, there are plenty of small and charming trails that cross the island for you to explore. When biking or hiking, you'll find breathtaking views and panoramas, with some trails leading to a jaw-dropping view of Miami in the distance. At one end of Bill Baggs, you won't miss the imposing Cape Florida lighthouse, which really stands out among its surroundings. It is ideal for some photos, as it overlooks the waters that surround it.

Located on a thin barrier island located just off the coast of continental Florida, the city of Pensacola Beach is a great vacation destination; there is something for all family members to enjoy. You can party in one, try some water sports in another, and enjoy a fantastic seafood dinner elsewhere. Of its beaches, Casino Beach is undoubtedly the most popular, as it has the most services, as well as a charming pier where you can stroll while watching the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. If you ever get tired of lounging on the sand and sunbathing, Fort Pickens is worth a visit and it's the city's most popular attraction after its beaches.

Built in the 1800s to protect Pensacola from attack, the fort, now in ruins, looks very impressive and is an important historic landmark. While the small, quiet town of Grayton Beach may not have much to do in terms of entertainment or nightlife, it's blessed with some of Florida's most incredible beaches. Grayton Beach State Park covers a vast area and contains some of the most beautiful beaches you've ever seen. Exploring the small trails and trails that wind between the dunes is an enchanting experience, and there are plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to participate in.

Therefore, Grayton Beach is well worth a visit because of the stunning scenery. In addition to the excellent diving and snorkeling that can be practiced in its cozy waters, it also houses the exclusive Museum of Underwater Art, which visitors can dive to explore. A popular tourist destination, Panama City Beach is home to a large number of beaches that stretch remarkably for more than 30 kilometers; St. Andrews Beach is without a doubt the most impressive.

Because it's located in a state park, the beach is as pristine as it looks. The thin strip of land on which it rests is surrounded by the calm waters of the picturesque Bay of Saint Andrews on one side and the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico on the other. There are plenty of fun water sports to try and some fantastic spots to dive among the artificial reefs that lie right on the coast. In addition to this, the city has many attractions for the whole family to enjoy, such as a marine park, an amusement park and tourist cruises along the coast.

With one of the best powdery white sands in the world, Siesta Beach seems to have been ripped out of a travel catalog. It's no surprise to learn that it has won several international awards for being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The dazzling shiny quartz beach is very wide and extensive and is surrounded by the enchanting emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of great restaurants, bars and hotels can be found all over Siesta Key.

Stretching along the west coast of Sanibel Island, Bowman's Beach is wonderfully undeveloped compared to most other Florida beaches, making it ideal for people looking for a quiet getaway. There's a very intact feel to the place; therefore, you won't find a hotel in sight. The main thing you can do here is to enjoy the incredible scenery and visit some of the pristine nature parks that are located nearby. Popular primarily with families, birders and shell collectors, Sanibel Island and its great natural sights are not far from Fort Meyers if you ever feel the need to enjoy the perks of urban life for a moment.

A gem of a beach to visit, Clearwater Beach is located on the Gulf of Mexico and is a short drive from Tampa if you want to combine your trip to the beach with a visit to the city. One of the most spectacular beaches in Florida, if not the country, Clearwater Beach has beautiful white sands for you to rest. Every night, the shimmering waters that border it bathe in a glorious sunset. Head to Pier 60 for the best view of the sunset.

As it's a popular beach resort, there's a lot to see and do, and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is one of its top attractions. A very family-friendly spot, there is a wide range of delicious restaurants, shops and resorts for visitors to choose from, as well as many water sports on offer. Although it is often called “the Venice of America” because of all the canals that can be found in the city, Fort Lauderdale's main attraction is its glorious beach that stretches endlessly along the coast. In many ways, its fine white sands are quite similar to that of its famous neighbor, Miami South Beach.

A host of hotels, restaurants and bars line the beautiful beach. There is a very relaxed atmosphere in the area, and its' Strip 'has plenty of nightlife and entertainment for both locals and tourists to enjoy. In addition to lounging on the warm sands of Fort Lauderdale Beach, there are also plenty of great water sports to try, such as scuba diving, jet skiing, and snorkeling, among others. Located in the heart of the Florida Keys, Bahía Honda State Park is a great place to go if you want to immerse yourself in nature, and the scenery is simply amazing.

Its three wonderful beaches are blessed with bright white sands and crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming or diving. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife and is a paradise for birdwatchers, and from time to time you can spot dolphins, sea turtles and rays on the high seas. One of its most impressive views, apart from its wealth of natural delights, is the old disused railway bridge that protrudes from one end of the island. With some of the best beaches in the Florida Keys, Honda Bay is worth a visit.

You can even camp inside the national park if you want to wake up to a spectacular sunrise over the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. One of the most popular cities to visit in the entire United States, Miami Beach is home to a ton of fabulous Art Deco buildings, vibrant nightlife and, of course, the dazzling white sands of South Beach. A very modern and lively spot, South Beach looks spectacular with the swaying palm trees and skyscrapers that border it. Its attractive sands are justifiably considered to make it one of the best beaches in the country.

Caladesi has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches for several years. Even with all that attention, the secluded nature of the beach makes it rarely crowded and the beauty remains intact. Palm-lined streets, quaint shops, galleries, restaurants and, of course, some of Florida's best beaches make Key Biscayne a charming escape destination. Swim or rent a kayak in Bill Baggs Park, visit the historic Cape Florida lighthouse, swim with dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium, play golf at the famous Crandon Golf Course, or watch turtle eggs hatch on the two-mile long beach of Crandon Park.

If you're looking for the best beaches in Florida, Key Biscayne is a great place to visit. Sarasota's Siesta Key Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida. Brilliant white and made of pure quartz crystal, this piece of paradise is embraced by the waters of the Gulf Coast. And that's just one of several Sarasota beaches to choose from.

You may find it difficult to leave your hammock or lounge chair on the beach in this bustling Florida Gulf Coast town south of Tampa, but kids can demand some action. Take them paddling around Sarasota Bay and look for manatees and dolphins, let them compete in building sandcastles at the Siesta Key Crystal Classic, rent a fishing boat or snorkel, as there is both underwater and above. And if you can, convince them to go see the Ringling Art Museum — it'll be worth it. Read on for more great family vacations in Florida.

Things to Do in Sarasota Known for its fantastic golf and high-end shopping, Naples, located in southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, is a perfect destination for a family vacation. The city has miles of fine golden sand beaches and many wonderful parks where children can spend hours building sand castles, swimming or playing ball. This area is home to some of the best beaches in Florida. Cedar Keys consists of charming little islands about three miles off the coast of Florida, about 100 miles north of Tampa and fifty miles southwest of Gainesville.

Relaxed and charming, many of them are uninhabited and make it a fabulous kayak destination where you can spend a day on the deserted beach. The largest city is Cedar Key, located on Way Key. It's a place that artists discovered and have taken over, and you should consider visiting it in April, when 120 artists come to the annual festival. The Cedar Keys were declared a bird and wildlife sanctuary in 1929, and the park is called the Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge.

You can see rare white pelicans, majestic bald eagles and vibrant pink spatulas, along with many other birds that make the islands their home. The islands are a paradise for beach lovers, and it's hard to decide which of the beaches you'll discover is the most beautiful. Walking along the beach, hiking, fishing, boating or canoeing are some of the favorite activities. Nor can you do anything but sit on the beach with your camera and wait for the perfect shot.

For a change of scenery, visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, fun Fort De Soto Park or the Museum of South Florida and Bishop Planetarium, take them fishing at Skyway Fishing Pier, and if you succeed, convince them to visit the world-famous Salvador Dalí Museum and Chihuly's spectacular glass creations at Beach Drive. For dining, the best place is the huge 20,000 square foot Locale Market, a true foodie paradise. Sanibel Island is a small piece of paradise just a short drive from Fort Myers. Visitors may find themselves completely alone on the beach, or other vacationing families may spend time in the area.

You'll notice everyone leaning to the ground from time to time. They are engaged in the most popular activity on the island, which is collecting shells. There are 250 types of shells on the island, and they are so numerous and so beautiful that it's hard to resist. You can also go swimming or fishing, visit a beautiful historic lighthouse or have a tropical drink at one of the spas.

The beaches are also full of birds, 230 types of birds, so bring your camera. When you get tired of walking, you can rent a canoe or bicycle to make use of the 25 miles of bike paths, or take a boat tour to see the island from the sea. Fort Lauderdale, a popular tourist destination on the Atlantic coast about 23 miles north of Miami, is famous for its spectacular beaches, 165 miles of picturesque canals and 46 cruise ships that sail from the city. Only 170,000 people live in Fort Lauderdale, but more than 12 million visit the city each year.

Why? It's a city where you can do as little or as much as you want. After visiting Dubois Park, with 1,200 feet of tropical paradise bordered by tall palm trees, Ocean Park with its picnic pavilions and playgrounds, or any other beautiful coastal park, let the children climb Jupiter Lighthouse or play a game of nautical mini-golf at Lighthouse Cove, or you can take them paddling along the river in a canoe Loxahatchee, among the old stands of Bald Cypress. One of Florida's thousand islands, and the only developed one, Marco Island is located a short distance from Naples and the Florida Everglades. It's a harmonious combination of luxury resorts, spectacular beaches and wild and unspoiled parks.

Kids can spend days exploring beautiful sandy beaches and collecting shells, but if they get bored with that, take them to visit the Briggs Nature Center, with a half-mile long boardwalk, where they can observe wild creatures in their real natural habitats. A visit to the Sandoway House Nature Center, where they can watch sharks feed live, is sure to be a success for children, and so will a stop at 505 Teen Center with Skateboard Park to play basketball, video games and pool. Biking is popular in the city, and there are several places where you can rent bikes or Segway. Another way to explore the trails that surround the city is by horseback riding with the Aberdeen Riding Academy.

The city is famous for its colourful festivals, so check what's happening before you book your trip. You're reading The 25 Best Beaches in Florida Back to Top. Because of the fine white quartz sand, they are often thought to be Florida's best beaches on the West Coast. It is also a very clean beach with a low population, making it perfect for couples or families and people interested in various water activities there.

If you want to walk a bit, Caladesi Island State Park is also accessible on foot from Clearwater Beach, as the Dunedin Pass was filled by Hurricane Elena in 1985, although many would consider six miles to be quite a long hike. Many Siesta Key vacation rentals and hotels are right on the sand with very convenient access to the beach. Amelia Island is the perfect spot for a peaceful getaway, whether guests prefer to stroll along the coast of one of Florida's best beaches, lounge under an umbrella with a favorite beach read, or explore the island's historic sites, influenced by French, Spanish and English at different times. Sure, this Fort Lauderdale beach was just down the street from my apartment, but that only made me appreciate even more of the finer details of the small coastal town.

Fort DeSoto Park has some of the best beaches in Florida for history buffs and is also one of the best things to do near St. Lovers Key State Park not only has a beautiful stretch of one of Florida's best beach vacation spots, but it also offers miles of walking and biking trails. Come to Cocoa Beach to learn how to surf, take a kayak trip to Thousand Islands, watch baby turtles race to the waves and fish on the iconic Westgate Cocoa Beach pier. Smathers Beach is also quite clean and relaxed, providing a good environment for visitors and others looking for a relaxed beach to relax and have fun.

On the northeast coast of the Sunshine State is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida to visit: Amelia Island. Florida is a large region and any visitor would like to see the best beaches with very clear waters for swimming and other activities. . .

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